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TRIESTE, city of “empires”

June, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th, 2022
GHOTEL hotel & living Bochum,
Alleestraße 140, 44793 Bochum (Germany)

Workshop organized by David Do Paço, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, Christine Lebeau, université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, et Markus Koller, Ruhr Universität Bochum, with support from CIERA and the Center for Mediterranean Studies (ZMS)



Télécharger le programme de la conférence (.pdf, 2 Mo)

Friday, 24th June

9:15 Welcome

9:25 Introduction
David Do Paço & Christine Lebeau

Local or regional vs imperial boosters

9:45 Panel 1
Chair : Markus Koller

10:15 Nataša Štefanec (Zagreb)
Remodeling of Trade Networks. How Rijeka replaced the Zrinski Family in Integrating Hungarian Provinces ?

10:45 Loredana Panariti (Trieste)
The economic relationships between Gorizia and Trieste in the Eighteenth century.

10:45 Discussion

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Panel 2
Chair : David Do Paço

11:30 Benjamin Landais (Avignon)
The Hungarian hinterland of the Adriatic ports in the 18th century : voluntary construction and peripheral initiative.

12:00 Kolja Lichy (Giessen)
Squaring the Circle : Trieste and Banking Imaginaries of the Viennese Administration.

12:30 Discussion

13:00 Lunch

Knowledge in an imperial context

14:30 Panel 1
Chair : Christine Lebeau

14:30 Katalin Pataki (Oxford),
The Business of War in Trieste : The Role of Tobacco Trade in International Money Transfers.

15:00 Magnus Ressel (Frankfurt / Main / Greifswald)
The German merchant community in Trieste in the 18th century and its relations with Venice.

15:30 Discussion

15:45 Coffee Break

16:15 Panel 2
Chair : Kolja Lichy

16:15 Costanza Lugnani (Paris)
"In tutto l’Adriatico, e nel Mediterraneo ancora" : the Privileged Imperial Oriental Company of Charles VI as a decisive instrument for the opening of a continental monarchy to maritime traffic.

16:45 Christine Lebeau (Paris)
See as an empire. Visits and administrative commissions in Trieste late 17th-mid 18th century.

17:15 Discussion

Saturday, 25th June

A policed or polite society ?

9:30 Panel 1
Chair : Nataša Štefanec

09:30 Aleksej Kalc (Ljubljana)
The police in the city and territorio of Trieste as a means of security and socioeconomic integration.

10:00 Zeynep Arslan (Bochum)
Trieste Circulations of the Ottomans (1795-1825) : a Quantitative and Qualitative Ascertainment.

10:30 Raluca Muresan (Paris)
Public Theater and Ballhaus : a Central European Architectural Typology (ca. 1750-ca. 1815).

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Panel 2
Chair : Antonio Trampus

11:30 Margarita Voulgaropoulou (Bochum)
Interculturalism, Community, and Empire in the eighteenth-century Habsburg Adriatic : The Orthodox communities of Trieste and Rijeka through artistic evidence.

12:00 David Do Paço (Paris)
The Figaro’s Paradigm : 18th-Century Trieste and its Unincorporated Society.

12:30 Discussion

13:00 Lunch

Back to the free port : a place, some friction

14:30 Panel 1
Chair : Loredana Panariti

14:30 Giulia Delogu (Venice)
Early Modern free ports as gateways of information between competition and collaboration : the case of Trieste.

15:00 Antonio Trampus (Venice)
Trieste as information center and the power of the pen : Giacomo Casanova and the international crisis between Venice, Holland and the Habsburg monarchy (1783-1785).

15:30 Discussion

15:45 Coffee Break

16:15 Conclusion
Daniel Andreozzi (Trieste)

Final Discussion

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